5 reasons you should attend a DIY sailing meetup in Rio Dulce Guatemala


1. Whether you’re already a pirate or just want to be one, you might just learn something! There are workshops on everything from knots to engines to navigation to what it’s like to be female captain (and maybe a writing workshop taught by yours truly?)

2. You don’t have to have a boat (although you can!) There are boats going from ports all over North America, and most of them are looking for crew (no experience necessary). And I have corresponded with most of them, and they are awesome people who are willing to share what they know about sailing, travel and living aboard their boats.

3. Rio Dulce, Guatemala, is one of the most beautiful and legendary boat cruising spots, not only in Central America, but the world. It’s complete with waterfalls, beaches, toucans, and monkeys swinging through the trees. The local Guatemalans welcome the meetup crew every year with open arms, so you’ll get to experience local hospitality as you hang out with the sailors.

4. It’s free! These are boatpunks, which doesn’t mean they live on boats and spend all their time listening to the Ramones and Elvis Costello–althought they might do that. It means they have a DIY aesthetic and a collective mindset. Which means everybody pays what they can pay, whether that be $$$ or good, honest work.

5. Fun. We’re sailors, so we party (duh). If all else fails, I’ll be there! And let’s face it, nobody is ever bored when I’m around. (Possibly delusion thinking alert.) In any case, I want to meet Princess of Pirates readers in person, and now’s as good a chance as any to do it!

Convinced? I thought you would be. Find out more on my blog post or from the Salt Assault site, which has lists of boats going, a workshop calendar, message boards where crew and boats can find each other, and more!

5 thoughts on “5 reasons you should attend a DIY sailing meetup in Rio Dulce Guatemala

  1. Capt Jill says:

    Hey I’d LOVE to go, but I’ve been laid off and not sure what’s happening now. I’m looking for a ship/boat and hope I can find one soon. That meetup sounds like a real blast! Do you know of any boats from Texas heading that way that need crew?

  2. cshefchik says:

    Hey, Jill, thanks for stopping by! I’m not aware right now of any boats leaving from Texas. I do know there is one boat that’s making stops in Mexico and Belize before heading to the meetup in February–not exactly close, but clos-er! If I hear anything else, I’ll let you know!

  3. Michael Chahley says:

    Hey! Just curious if the Baotpunk festival is still going on? In 2016 I lived on a boat for a year with some nomads drifting around the Pacific, where I heard about it. I was thinking about going to check it out and help crew. Any info? Thanks!


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