6 times the ocean left me speechless

Happy World Oceans Day! As a Mermaid-American, I have been drawn to the ocean for as long as I can remember, and the more I travel, whether by sail or by land, the more I realize how much it means to me. Here are 6 times in my travels the ocean left me speechless. Let’s preserve our oceans so generations to come can experience its power and beauty.



Diving off the pier into the phosphorescent harbor of Ascension Island and feeling the blackfish nibble my feet.


Snorkeling (and kissing!) friendly wild stingrays off the reef in the Cayman Islands.


Climbing the mast of the Oosterschelde after 30 days at sea and seeing the entire Atlantic spread out before me like a shimmering blue carpet. I felt like time had stopped we now lived in a flooded world.


Releasing a baby sea turtle into the ocean off Baja, California at sunset, watching it crawl down the beach and get swept up by the waves, to happily live the rest of its life at sea.


The first time I stood in the bow of a schooner in rough weather, and felt the boat lift off the surface of the water. When I jumped, it was like leaving the earth for a while.


Racing a pod of joyful pod of hourglass dolphins off the Falkland Islands.


What’s your all-time favorite ocean experience?

3 thoughts on “6 times the ocean left me speechless

  1. bruce says:

    I enjoyed your article in the star tribune on oct.16. I was going to do the same thing but was hobbled by shoulder surgery. I have spent years at sea several as master on Tallships and am currently holding down the family farm west of Mnpls. I was suprised that you didn’t mention the fire at the boatyard Gannon and Benjiman the the When And If suvived. That is a great part of her story

    • cshefchik says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Bruce! I had hoped to get more about the When and If’s history into the story, but with so little space, you can’t squeeze it all in! I hope you recover and get to go sailing soon.

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