Calling all pirate punks: SALT ASSAULT, February 28 – March 9, 2016

I have long believed that a boat–preferably under the power of sail–is the single best way to travel and see the world. It’s not only because it’s fun, and sailors are the best people on the planet–even though they are–or that traveling by sea lets you see places and people that the rest of the world don’t even know exist.

It’s even more important than that. Given the increasing strain on our earth and its resources, it’s important that we rediscover low-impact ways of living and traveling. Plus, boats transcend national and international boundaries, creating global nations of sailors and forming communities of people united by a common interest of life at sea.

That’s why Salt Assault 2016, which takes place In Rio Dulce, Guatemala, is for “merfolk, boatpunks, nomads, DIY sailors, anarchists, and any landlubber who dreams of a salty life to come together for a week of skill-sharing, networking, celebrating, and helping each other actualize our dreams for a life by sail-power.feel the same way.”

With a description like that, how could I resist? I’m partnering with them to bring attention to this event. According to event organizer Jack Clayton of S/V Gnarwind:

“Salt Assault Fest is one part an excuse to gather to have fun on boats together, and two parts teaching others the things we have learned on our own the hard way.

The world of sailing can be tough to get into if you are completely new to the scene, and even more difficult to stay afloat in when you have a boat and don’t have an insane amount of money.

So this event aims to create an inclusive, progressive space for beginners to learn the basics and get some experience with like minded people, and help those of us with boats learn how to be more self-sufficient to make living on a boat a more practical and economical lifestyle choice. A huge part of all this is the networking aspect of the meet up which, in my opinion, is the most important part.”

My thoughts exactly. I’m also new to the sailing world and the amount of money I have is not anywhere CLOSE to insane, so anything that helps me connect to like-minded people is incredible!

Jack also says of the meetup:”The awesome people I met there changed my life forever. I am involved because i really believe in the boatpunk movement as a positive catalyst to enrich people’s lives and connect them with the ocean, and I hope that this meet up can keep us boatpunks and DIY sailors inspired, connected, and sailing.”

Check back in this space and at the official website for more news. Interested in learning more? There’s a list of boats attending, some of which are in need of crew! Meanwhile, as the weather turns colder here, I’ll be dreaming of warm Guatemalan seas…

3 thoughts on “Calling all pirate punks: SALT ASSAULT, February 28 – March 9, 2016

  1. Roger J Jones says:

    The Rio Dulce is one of my favorite places once you get past checking in at Livingston. That is, once you get over the sand bar right outside the city. The easy way to check in is to pay for the services of Raul – he has been checking cruisers in and out for years. Don’t worry about finding him, he will most likely come out to your boat with the first set of officials.

    The trip up the river is awesome. You start out in a gorge with high walls on either side. You can stop at the hot springs on the way and then continue up to the lake – “el Golfete.” The lake is not a place you want to be in high winds. Most of the locals avoid it in the afternoon.

    I stayed at Texan Bay Marina, now under new ownership and renamed Burnt Bay. It is on the “ocean side” of el Golfete – just turn left as you enter the lake. I then used the river launch services to get up and back from the town of Rio Dulce. Rio Dulce is also where you pick up the bus to visit the rest of Guatemala – Tekal – the ancient Mayan city.

    A magical place – I agree with Princess – if you can go you should!

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