The Oosterschelde and her sisters: A field guide

Today in Learn Along with Claire, get to know your tall ships! In case you didn’t know, I will spending part of February, March and April sailing the Atlantic aboard the topsail schooner Oosterschelde. At the moment she and her sisters are off the coast of Hobart, Tasmania as part of the Australian tall ships regatta. A couple of local filmmakers hopped on board their boat and sailed out to the harbor to put together this video, which serves as an ideal tool to get acquainted with a pirate’s most important asset: the ship!

The Europa is the three-masted barque with square sails, for the pirate who wants to make an entrance.

The Oosterschelde (my ship), a three-masted schooner. Fast and furious, for the pirate on a mission.

The Tecla is the small two-masted ketch, for the pirate who works by stealth.

4 thoughts on “The Oosterschelde and her sisters: A field guide

  1. Lois says:

    This is so interesting, my g-grandfather was a Tasmanian merchant who shipped goods in and out of Sydney and Hobart on ships like these! Lovely post!

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