Baking with the Captain

As promised, I tried out this recipe for Pirate Bread Pudding this past weekend (I could’ve waited until the 19th, but why?) I cut it in half, mostly because (gasp!) the rest of my household aren’t as rum-crazy as I am. Plus 2 cups of half-and-half is a lot if you only have one of those little half-pints lying around. I ended up doing a cup and a half of milk, and half a cup of half and half (that sentence is mind-boggling.) I used golden raisins; soaked in rum, of course, they’re delicious by themselves.

Coming out of the oven.

I also halved the sauce, which turned out super-thick and kind of grainy, even with only half a cup of butter, hmmm. All in all, whiskey plus rum plus raisins = pure pirate comfort food.

The ramekin was just for serving; I thought it looked cute.

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