At least it’s an opportunity to use the phrase “jagged rocks below”

Have you been following the Astrid saga? The 100-foot Belgian brig was wrecked July 24 off the Irish coast of Cork, with its crew safely evacuated, and now the Coast Guard has given its approval to raise her, hopefully to find out what happened. Sad that after being built in 1918 and surviving two world wars, she might never sail again. Time to sing a dirge. “Heel ya hoy, boys…”

Wrecked tall ship to be lifted from sea

Wrecked tall ship to be lifted from sea.

Blackbeard Lives! (His cannon, at least)

Blackbeard’s Cannon Salvaged – The Daily Beast.

The Queen Anne’s Revenge just keeps giving us gifts from beyond the grave. Although it’s rusty now, this 2,000 pound cannon might have threatened the biggest British man o’ war–although from what I’ve read, Blackbeard much preferred intimidation tactics over out-and-out dogfights (thus the beard!)

Could this once have taken out a British ship of the line?