Don’t worry, he’ll get the hang of it

Michigan state Sen. Roger Kahn of Saginaw proved himself a friend of pirates everywhere by declaring International Talk Like a Pirate Day an official state holiday. He’s got to brush up on his “arrrs,” but he’ll have plenty of time before we make it to the 49 other states!

Captain Morgan’s Pirate Ship Found! (sort of)

Before you get all excited, to clarify, the dive team off the coast of Panama (funded by guess who), said they only thought they might have found a part of Capt. Henry Morgan’s ship, which supposedly sank in 1671 while defending Panama City against Spain while working as an English privateer.

The handsome young Welsh scion Henry Morgan, before he became the scallywag we all know and love.

They recovered a bunch of coal-encrusted boxes and chests, which probably (sigh) don’t contain treasure. Still, I think that’s worth raising a glass of rum to, don’t you?