It happened to me (oh boy, did it!)

Mermaid returns to sea.

My adventure to the Netherlands (with stopovers in Iceland and Belgium) is in the record books, and I’m preparing a longer blog post about what I found in The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and beyond. Word gets around remarkably fast in a tiny country, so I met up with no less than 5 former shipmates (3 more than I expected)! At last, I could drink too much, surround myself with people who “get it,” and shamelessly try to recapture the time in my life when I was most happy, and most at peace, while simultaneously feeling like my world might fall apart any moment.

I know, it doesn’t make any sense to me, either.

Anyway, upon my arrival home, I found that the article I wrote for XOJane’s It Happened to Me section, based on some incidents from my book, is now live, so I invite you to check it out. Consider it a sexy little taste of the sexiest parts of my book–eet smakelijk, as they say in Holland.

At least it’s an opportunity to use the phrase “jagged rocks below”

Have you been following the Astrid saga? The 100-foot Belgian brig was wrecked July 24 off the Irish coast of Cork, with its crew safely evacuated, and now the Coast Guard has given its approval to raise her, hopefully to find out what happened. Sad that after being built in 1918 and surviving two world wars, she might never sail again. Time to sing a dirge. “Heel ya hoy, boys…”

Wrecked tall ship to be lifted from sea

Wrecked tall ship to be lifted from sea.