What it takes to be a Daughter of Neptune

The bell onboard the SS Sorlandet. It’s part of the Class Afloat program, which I’m sadly too old for. Nuts!

Toronto Star staffer Andrew Livingstone gets a pirate’s eye view aboard the SS Sorlandet. Testimony from real-life pirate princess and Class Afloat alum Celina Diaz: “Before you cross you’re a pollywog and when you cross you become a shellback,” she said. “It’s like once you become a shellback you’re part of this society, you’re under King Neptune’s protection.”

If you, (unlike me, at least in the pirate ship world) are still a youngster, find out more about the Class Afloat program!

Don’t worry, he’ll get the hang of it

Michigan state Sen. Roger Kahn of Saginaw proved himself a friend of pirates everywhere by declaring International Talk Like a Pirate Day an official state holiday. He’s got to brush up on his “arrrs,” but he’ll have plenty of time before we make it to the 49 other states!